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AirEvac International offers the outstanding care to patients in a foreign setting. Learn more about how our services can help you by downloading our brochure.

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About AirEvac International

AirEvac International offers the highest quality of medical transportation care by combining the best medical resources and most efficient response times. Strategically located Air Ambulance Critical Response Hubs throughout Latin America give us the fastest response time to medical evacuations in the industry.

We serve leading health and travel insurance companies, hospital administrators, and third-party medical administration groups.

The entire AirEvac International team takes pride in being committed to excellence by staying informed and participating in the developments of transport medicine, software, and aviation safety while maintaining the highest proficiency in clinical skills.

AirEvac International is also part of Integrated Medical Services – IMS offers its clients an unprecedented infrastructure of integrated medical services in the fast-growing traveller’s market in Latin America. Thus, without overseeing the value of understanding of the local landscape, culture, logistics, language and laws. Hence, making IMS the ideal medical service provider partner in Latin America.