AirEvac International aircraft are configured as airborne intensive care units, specifically designed for air ambulance transports.

Our Services Include:

Air Ambulance Transport

AirEvac International is one of the most experienced air ambulance companies in North America.

We offer

short- and long-range medical transports throughout Mexico, Caribbean, Central America and South America. Aircraft, include Hawkers, Lear Jets and MD Helicopters, these are configured as Airborne Intensive Care Units to provide critical care and advanced life support. AirEvac International utilizes customized equipment including charting software, transport ventilators, infusion pumps, cardiac monitors, noninvasive monitoring, and a tailored drug inventory to offer the most appropriate level of care.

We provide the fastest time of response to medical evacuations regardless of location.

Each team member aboard these aircraft receives ground school training, flight physiology, and annual continuing education in addition to training in individual specialties to assure the most up to date patient care capabilities.


Ground Ambulance Transport

AirEvac International has a fleet of Critical Care Transport Units located in nearly all of our operational bases.

All our ground ambulance units are staffed with Emergency Medical Technicians who perform a rapid assessment of the situation and facilitate transfer of patients to a local health care facility or airport as needed.

For more information please visit International Medical Response.

Commercial Medical Escorts

AirEvac International offers Specialty Care Teams for patients requiring assistance while on a commercial flight. This service is especially helpful for travelers who don’t have a friend or family member to watch over them. Depending upon the situation—including critically ill adults, neonatal or pediatric patients—the traveler is accompanied by a team of caring critical care flight nurses or a flight physician.

Special Event Medical Staffing

Prepare for virtually any medical emergency.

Our services also include medical staffing for special events—from large crowd events to organized sporting events such as marathons, equestrian events or extreme sports events. An on-site ground ambulance unit, consisting of paramedics and a physician, is prepared for virtually any medical emergency, with air transport available on standby, as requested.


Medical Insurance Verification

As an extra level of support AirEvac International employs claims specialists to assist you with your insurance benefit questions and to handle your claims submissions.

Our skilled in-house billing department conducts a thorough pre-authorization process, determining the type of air transport coverage a patient has, reducing the level of stress in the situation and enabling patients to focus their energy on treatment and recovery.


Safe and effective transfer of patients at a reduced cost.

As part of our comprehensive service, AirEvac repatriates patients to their home country, working closely with the appropriate consulate. This includes supervising all of the customs and immigration paperwork. Our multilingual staff assists in the safe and effective transfer of patients at a reduced cost.


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AirEvac International provides the highest level of medical transportation care by combining the best medical resources and most efficient response times.

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