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Mexico City Zocalo Town Square Christmas Night Celebration

If beautiful beaches, mild temperatures, amazing architecture and a relaxing change of pace for the holidays sounds like heaven on earth to you, might we suggest Mexico as your Christmas destination this year? No need to worry about snow, ice, and stress. Simply catch your flight, arrive in Mexico, and let all the pressures synonymous with this time of year melt away. Come back refreshed and ready to embrace the New Year and all the possibilities it offers. The following are a few of the best places to consider for your Christmas getaway in Mexico, brought to you by AirEvac International:

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

This colorful location, situated in the central Mexico highlands, is identified as one of the best Christmas destinations to try by CNN Travel and is considered the most beautiful city in all of Mexico. Christmas in San Miguel de Allende is both a celebratory and solemn affair with ponche (mulled fruit drink), posadas, and piñatas making a regular appearance. In the days leading up to December 24th, don’t be surprised to see locals acting out the pilgrimage of Mary and Joseph. They move from home to home, singing, as they “beg for shelter” or “ask for posada”. During your visit, you will also enjoy an abundance of breathtakingly beautiful churches, amazing architecture, and majestic zocalos, which you can tour. These are in fact what led to the town’s designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Located in the Mexican state of Jalisco, on the Bay of Banderas alongside the Pacific Ocean and encompassing nearly 40 miles of coastline, along the jungle of Sierra Madre Mountain’s western edge is Puerto Vallarta.  This city’s distinction as a  popular tourist destination means there are plenty of fun activities in which to take part. You can shop, snorkel, surf, enjoy a zip line,  and more. You also can enjoy the beautiful 20th-century buildings and churches as you tour the cobblestone streets of the city’s center.  They also feature piñatas, drinks, and food on December 24th that are themed to the holiday celebration.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Located at the tip of the Baja California Peninsula as part of the Baja Sur state, Cabo San Lucas is a picturesque destination that embodies the term “paradise on earth.” Once an old fishing village, the town now features a unique offering of beaches and attractions. You can enjoy horseback riding, deep-sea fishing, whale watching, boating, stand-up paddleboarding, surfing, parasailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, and much more. Don’t miss El Acro de Cabo San Lucas, which is an amazingly beautiful natural arch. There are plenty of activities that take place in the restaurants and hotels located in Cabo San Lucas throughout the entirety of the Christmas season.

Oaxaca, Mexico

If you want to see more than a beautiful beach when visiting Mexico, you should consider Oaxaca. This architecturally beautiful city was named a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. This historic city is located at the foothills of the Sierra Madre mountain range and is the capital of the Oaxaca state. Its distinction by UNESCO is due to the city’s impressively high number of archeological sites and colonial Spanish structures. Oaxaca is also known for its Mole, which is a Mexican sauce made with chocolate. This city also provides you with some unique Christmas activities with which to take part, including the “breaking of the plates.” This takes place between December 16th and 31st outside of the Cathedral Restaurant. In the restaurant, you are served a Christmas pastry called a “bunuelos” and hot chocolate. Once you are done with your delicious treat, you walk outside and break the plate. What fun! That is far from the only Christmas-themed celebration you can enjoy in Oaxaca as well.

Tulum, Riviera Maya

Situated in the Mexican state of Quinta Roo, on the east coast of the Yucatan Peninsula and 80 miles south of Cancun is the beautiful city of Tulum. While visiting, check out the Tulum National Park, home to the 13th-century Mayan Ruins, which is considered the most well preserved of such ruins in the world. The Tulum National Park is situated on 40-foot cliffs, overlooking the clear, deep blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. In addition, you don’t want to miss the Sian Ka’an biosphere reserve along with the more than 10 cenotes found here. (Cenotes occur when a cave’s roof collapses into itself forming a large opening or hole often leaving access to a fresh supply of water.)

Mexico City, Mexico

Don’t underestimate the value of stopping at one of Mexico’s most underrated destinations that is their capital city. This impressive city is a fast-paced, culturally rich location. By visiting it, you will get to get to enjoy colonial architecture, world-class art, amazing food, picturesque parks, lively neighborhoods, and the National Palace. During the holidays, Mexico City is decked out in thousands of glittering Christmas lights and decorations as well.

Chiapas Highlands, Mexico

As an alternative to the ocean, you can enjoy the roaring waterfalls, grand rivers, and cool pools of the Chiapas Highlands. Located, in the southern Chiapas region of Mexico, the mountainous highlands feature colonial towns, picturesque rivers, some indigenous tribal communities, and even some Mayan ruins.  Most assuredly, the towns within Chiapas Highlands will feature various holiday-themed activities and decor around Christmas.

Choose any of the above Mexican destinations for a very Merry Christmas indeed!


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