Air Ambulance Services in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

AirEvac International provides first-class medevac transport and critical care to young and adult patients who require a higher level of care than is available in the area they are in.

24/7 Staff

With the main base in San Diego, California, AirEvac International has strategically developed an air ambulance base network in Latin America, including the air ambulance in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. This base network allows AirEvac International to provide patients with a prompt service for their medical air transport needs.

Highly trained healthcare professionals

AirEvac International places a great importance on the training of the Medical Flight Crew, because their expertise is at the core of AirEvac International’s superior services. The healthcare professionals go through ground school and flight physiology training and they are also required to further their knowledge and skills through additional annual trainings in the changes in air medical care and their areas of specialization.

Specially configured vehicles

AirEvac International provides transport in ground and air ambulances, which include both fixed-wing and rotor-wing aircraft. Patients can be confident about the comfort and the top level of patient care these vehicles offer because they are supplied with charting software, transport ventilators, infusion pumps, cardiac monitors, non-invasive monitors and a customized drug inventory.

Claim Assistance

AirEvac International assists patients with their dilemmas related to their insurance coverage and helps them submit claims.

The claims specialists offer their expertise to make the arrangements less stressful for the patient and they always aim to cover the air transport through the patients’ insurance, so no upfront costs are incurred.

The entirety of AirEvac International’s team is completely committed to excellence and takes great pride in the fact that the patient care and transport services offered are in keeping with the latest achievements in transport medicine, software and flight safety.


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