Air Ambulance Services in Cozumel, Mexico

Air Ambulance Critical Response Hubs are spread throughout Latin America to deliver more prompt critical care.

Day or Night Air Transport

The Critical Response Hub for air ambulance can be reached at any time of day or night. If you have any questions or doubts related to medical air transport, feel free to contact AirEvac International whenever you need answers.

Air Ambulance Parametic
Fully qualified medical professionals

The Medical Flight Crew is thoroughly trained to provide critical care of the highest medevac standard. The medical staff is trained through ground school and flight physiology. In addition, they regularly upgrade their expertise in obligatory yearly trainings covering the changes in air medical care and their specialized areas.

Help with medical insurance coverage

AirEvac International helps patients with verifying their medical insurance coverage and submitting their insurance claims. Patients can rely on the billing department specialists to do their best to reduce or eliminate upfront costs, so that patients can redirect their energy to recuperation.

Leading world-class services

It is through the efforts of each team member that AirEvac International can guarantee leading air ambulance services that conform to world-class standards and incorporate the latest innovations in transport medicine, software and aviation safety.

Vehicles Adapted for Critical Care

Patients are consistently transported in ground vehicles and fixed-wing and rotor-wing aircraft that are adapted to provide support in patient care for the critically ill.

AirEvac International uses vehicles that provide comfort as well as ultimate functionality in catering for the patient’s needs. The equipment and supplies that the vehicles feature are charting software, transport ventilators, infusion pumps, cardiac monitors, non-invasive monitors and a specially garnered drug inventory that enables the Medical Flight Crew to respond appropriately to the patient’s condition.


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