Air Ambulance In Guadalajara, Mexico

AirEvac International has an Air Ambulance Critical Response Hub servicing Guadalajara, Mexico which provides the means for accessing a higher level of care when there are limited resources.

Qualified Medical Staff

Constant changes in medicine and technology as well as the complexity of illnesses today require the AirEvac International Medical Flight Crew to maintain the highest of medevac standards. Each team member receives ground school training, flight physiology, and annual continuing education in addition to training in individual specialties to assure the most up-to-date capabilities.

On duty 24 hours a day

The air ambulance base is staffed 24 hours a day with a critical care staff to answer all your medical questions and assist you with your air ambulance transport needs.

Medical insurance claims assistance

As an extra level of support AirEvac International employs claims specialists to assist you with your insurance benefit questions and to handle your claims submissions. AirEvac International aims to relieve patients of upfront expenses so that they can focus their energy on recovery.

Commitment to excellence

The entire AirEvac International team takes pride in being committed to excellence by staying informed and participating in the developments of transport medicine, software, and aviation safety while maintaining the highest proficiency in clinical skills.

Specially Equipped Vehicles

AirEvac International patients will be transported in ground and fixed-wing or rotor-wing ambulances that are specifically configured.

Our transport is specifically configured to provide critical care and advanced life support. AirEvac International utilizes customized equipment including charting software, transport ventilators, infusion pumps, cardiac monitors, noninvasive monitoring, and a tailored drug inventory to offer the most appropriate level of care.


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