Air Ambulance Services In Roatan, Honduras

Critical care for adult and young patients defined by excellence and compassion.

Higher-Level Care

Critically ill or injured patients who require a higher level of care can turn to AirEvac International for a prompt response to their transport needs. The main base located in San Diego, California and a base network of air ambulance hubs distributed across Latin America enable those in urgent need of a higher level of medical care to quickly access exceptional air medical transport with AirEvac International.

Operating non-stop

Patients can depend on the round-the-clock availability of AirEvac International medical staff in air ambulance bases. Whenever patients need a solution or an answer regarding their medical transport needs, they can depend on AirEvac International to respond to their medevac queries.

Top-class healthcare personnel

The expertise and qualifications offered by the healthcare personnel is one of the keystones of AirEvac International’s ultimate patient care. The Medical Flight Crew receives extensive basic and continuous training.

Help with insurance

AirEvac International’s billing department is staffed with insurance specialists who are in charge of verifying patients’ medical insurance and assisting the patients with claims submissions. Patients who are dealing with a health emergency can rather invest their energy in recuperation.

Superior Quality Services

Each member of AirEvac International’s team contributes to the overall effort to provide ultimate air ambulance services that fulfil the strictest criteria of excellence.

The innovations in critical aeromedical care that include transport safety, medicine and software are constantly being incorporated into AirEvac International’s services in order to provide the best possible patient care. AirEvac International offers the highest quality of medical transportation care by combining the best medical resources and most efficient response times.

The ground ambulance vehicles and fixed-wing and rotor-wing aircraft AirEvac International uses for patient transport feature all the equipment necessary to make sure medical staff can provide comprehensive critical care and advanced life support. Charting software, transport ventilators, infusion pumps, cardiac monitors, non-invasive monitoring and a tailored drug supply provide support for the most adequate care.


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