Air Ambulance Services In San Diego, California

AirEvac International is thoroughly dedicated to delivering air ambulance services unmatched in clinical proficiency, professionalism and compassion.

Outstanding Medical Team

The top level of competence delivered by the Medical Flight Crew at AirEvac International is secured through extensive training and keeping up-to-date with medevac discoveries and advancements in the area of medicine and technology. Every member of the medical team has a certificate in ground school and flight physiology and they are also required to constantly improve their expertise through continuous education in their area of specialization.

Always available

AirEvac International team is always ready to respond to patients’ queries about air medical transport, as well their needs for it. Inquirers can reach staff at the base at all times.

Help with coverage

The billing department and the claims specialists at AirEvac International always extend assistance to patients regarding medical insurance verification and claims. Every effort is made to cover the costs of air medical transport through the patient’s insurance, so that no upfront expenses are incurred.

World-Class Standards

The team at AirEvac International is entirely dedicated to maintaining the outstanding quality of services offered.

The staff is always in the know about achievements in transport medicine, software and aviation safety and the services are improved on a regular basis in order to secure clinically superior patient care.

The ground ambulance and fixed-wing and rotor-wing aircraft that AirEvac International utilizes to transport patients have been modified into supreme critical care transport units.

The equipment that is at Medical Flight Crew’s disposal includes charting software, transport ventilators, infusion pumps, cardiac monitors, noninvasive monitoring and a carefully selected drug supply.

Thus, AirEvac International medical personnel is able to provide first-rate critical care and advanced life support.


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