Providing Emergency Air Ambulance Services Across the United States, At Sea and Around the World

Our Services Include:

Air Ambulance Transport

As a direct service provider and one of the most experienced air ambulance companies in North America we provide medically equipped ICU configured aircraft, Critical Care trained Medical Crew and bedside-to-bedside medical care for your patients including cardiac, trauma, respiratory, neurological, transplant, critically ill, rehab and end-of-life cases. We also coordinate emergency evacuation and repatriation for patients in Mexico, Caribbean, Central America and South America. These transfers typically accommodate at least 2 family members, depending on patient condition.

Our Medical Teams utilize customized equipment including charting software, transport ventilators, infusion pumps, cardiac monitors, noninvasive monitoring and a tailored drug inventory to ensure the most appropriate level of care. Each team member is required regular advanced training in flight physiology in addition to training in individual specialties to guarantee the highest level of patient care.


Critical Care Transport Division

We have the most sophisticated operational bases throughout Mexico, Central America and Costa Rica to assist patients during a medical crisis in remote areas where emergency care isn't available.

In many cases, the lack of local infrastructure in underdeveloped tourist destinations, more often than not, results in lower standard of care for patients and families in need of medical attention.

Commercial Medical Escorts

AirEvac International offers Specialty Care Teams for travelers requiring assistance while on a commercial flight. The Commercial Medical Escort, or Private Medical Escort, service is provided for patients who are medically stable but may require oxygen monitoring, medications or physical assistance while traveling on a commercial or private jet flight. Patients are accompanied by a Flight Nurse or a Flight Physician.

A CME/PME offers a tremendous cost savings over a full air ambulance transfer but still provides peace of mind as your loved one is relocating closer to home. Our Flight Coordination Team will direct the logistics of the process i.e. assistance with airline arrangements, ground transportation, medical equipment, updating family throughout the flight and assistance in arranging a receiving facility if needed. Our Flight Nurse, or Flight Physician, will obtain a medical report prior to the transfer to ensure continuum of care medically and physically. They will then meet the patient at the sending facility and accompany the patient bedside-to-bedside - ground transportation from sending facility to airport, sending airport to receiving airport, ground transportation to their home or receiving facility - to ensure a safe stable transfer for your loved one. Your family member has highly qualified compassionate care during their trip home. 

Air Evac Media Escort
Air Evac Insurance

Medical Insurance Verification

As an extra level of support AirEvac International employs claims and billing specialists to assist your patients with their insurance benefit questions and to execute their claims submissions in a timely, efficient manner keeping the patient updated throughout the process. Our skilled in-house billing department conducts a thorough pre-authorization process, determining the type of air transport coverage a patient has, confirming “medical necessity” definitions that vary from policy to policy and thoroughly reviewing the plan language for each policy. We will make every attempt to confirm coverage, determine the likelihood of benefit payout, submit their claim, continue to track its progress and keep the patient updated until a final determination has been made. We will work as an advocate until the very end while they stay focused on their loved one and not have the distraction and stress of insurance frustrations.

We recognize the financial difficulties an unexpected medical crisis can cause, especially during recovery and rehabilitation. It is our goal to serve your patients with compassion, courtesy, respect and confidentiality throughout the process

Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation

AirEvac International has the capability to transport patients to and from any part of the world. As part of our comprehensive service AirEvac International’s multilingual Medical Teams and Flight Coordinators have extensive experience navigating these complicated transfers to safely facilitate a patient and their family’s return to their country of origin. We have extensive experience working closely with commercial and travel insurance, appropriate consulates, international medical facilities, port agents and customs officers. Our international network has made us experts and the one of the most trusted resources in the industry for emergency evacuation and repatriation.


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