ATV Tour in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
ATV Tour in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

The utopian resort city of Cabo San Luca, Mexico, known by many as simply Cabo, is situated at the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula, within Baja California Sur, a Mexican state. Cabo is considered one of the five top tourist destinations in Mexico for good reason. It is well known for its adventurous excursions, scuba diving, beaches, and more. The following are some adventurous excursions you can enjoy while vacationing in Cabo San Luca, that could be considered extreme:

1. Wide Open Cabo: Day Tours

The Wide Open Cabo’s Baja Challenge is a closed course track where you can go to drive the same type of car that races in the Baja 1000. Make no mistake, these are no mere sand rails or dune buggies. They are 4 cylinder, 2-liter engine, 18” suspension, all-purpose, off-road, custom-built race cars. Though this adventure is extreme, the 5-point safety harness system in each car, as well as the Wide-Open Excursion crew who guides you as you learn to operate these cars, will ensure your adventure is as safe as possible.

2. ATV Tours In Cabo San Lucas

For the riders out there, ATV tours in Cabo San Lucas can be great fun. ATVs & off-road motorcycles are a blast, with miles of panoramic beach riding and off-road fun. First-timers welcome! ATV tours offer pick-up and drop-off services, making door to ATV access easy.

3. Cabo Bungee Jumping

Considered the most extreme sport in Cabo San Lucas, bungee jumping is one way to take your vacation to the next level of intensity. If you go with the Cabo San Lucas Tour bungee jumping, you will jump at the Wild Canyon Ekopark, after riding up height in their custom glass-floored gondola. Cabo San Lucas Tours also offers the Fox Drop Rappel and the Flying Tortuga Monster Zip Lines. This company is a one-stop-shop destination for extreme adventures.

4. Cabo Skydive

There is likely nothing more intense than stepping out of a plane into the great abyss with nothing but a parachute to prevent certain death. Admittedly, skydiving is intense, but you will also enjoy the most spectacular view in all of Cabo San Luca, a true bird’s eye view, 360 degrees while plummeting from the sky. You skydive harnessed to a qualified instructor to ensure you make it safely back to earth, so there is no need to worry if you have never before enjoyed skydiving. When skydiving at Cabo Skydive, you will experience the thrill of a true free fall before your instructor pulls your parachute to slow your descent. Don’t worry, it’s normal for you to feel as if your heart is dropping into your stomach. That’s all part of the fun!

5. Sea Cabo Activities

At Sea Cabo Activities, you can enjoy an extreme adventure, unlike anything you have ever seen or experienced before. While visiting this Cabo location, you can try your hand at the FlyBike. This company is the world’s first authorized dealer of the bike, which is something you have to see or experience yourself, to believe. The premise is simple. All you have to do is “ride a bike.” The only difference is this “bike” flies over the ocean, glides along its surface, then dives feet below the water, with you along for the ride. It is the perfect combination of flying and riding and makes for a once-in-a-lifetime activity you won’t soon forget. You can also rent jet skis or parasails with this company if you would prefer a more traditional yet still fun way to enjoy the pristine waters of Cabo.

Hopefully, none of the above excursions result in your needing the service of an air ambulance. However, if it happens, you can be sure you are in good hands with AirEvac. We hope you enjoy the extreme adventures that await you in beautiful Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.