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Critical Care Response Teams Across the United States and Around the Globe

Across the United States and around the Globe our Flight Coordination, Critical Care Medical and Flight Teams

are committed to assisting you with every aspect of your patient transfer and

being a trusted resource during the continuum of care.

Air Ambulance Transportation

As a direct service provider and one of the most experienced air ambulance companies in the industry, we provide medically equipped ICU configured aircraft, Critical Care trained Medical Crew and bedside-to-bedside medical care for your patients and family members. We also coordinate emergency evacuation and repatriation for patients in Mexico, Caribbean, Central America and South America.

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Critical Care Transport Division

Our fleet of Critical Care Transport Units, staffed by fully trained Emergency Medical Technicians, are located in our operational bases throughout Mexico to assist patients during a medical crisis in remote areas where emergency care isn't available or quick to respond. 

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Commercial and Travel Insurance Verification

Our skilled in-house Billing and Claims Team conducts a thorough pre-authorization process and will work diligently on behalf of the patient to determine the type of insurance benefits and coverage they have and can speak directly to the family to explain it in a language they can understand. 

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Commercial Medical Escorts

The Commercial Medical Escort, or Private Medical Escort, service is provided for patients who are medically stable but may require oxygen monitoring, medications or physical assistance while traveling on a commercial or private jet flight.

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Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation

As part of our comprehensive service AirEvac International’s multilingual Medical Teams and Flight Coordinators have extensive experience navigating these transfers to safely facilitate a patient and their family’s return to their home country, working closely with the patients travel insurance and the appropriate consulates. 

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Experienced, Qualified and Compassionate Care

AirEvac International 

  • Dedicated Air Evac medical staff available 24/7
  • Strategically located ICU configured aircraft
  • Extensive ground ambulance coverage
  • Swift emergency medevac response times
  • Superior clinical care for critical and non-critical patients


Domestic and Worldwide

Domestic and Worldwide Bases with ICU-configured Aircraft and Dedicated Medical Teams ready to assist you with your transportation needs.


Dedicated Medical Teams

Experienced, qualified, compassionate medical teams providing continuity of patient care both in the air and on the ground.


24/7 Flight Coordination Team

Highly-trained communication specialists available 24/7 to assist you every aspect of your transfer request and coordination.


Premier IMS Provider

Multilingual Medical Teams providing safe efficient rotor and ground emergency evacuation for foreign nationals in remote areas of Latin America. 

Our Promise to You

Our Mission is to provide the highest level of medical and patient care in the industry from the first call to the last.

We partner with leading major commercial, private and travel insurance companies as well as hospital administrators and third party medical administration groups to provide air ambulance transportation as part of a patient’s continuum of care.

The entire AirEvac International team takes pride in being committed to excellence by proactively participating in training on the latest developments of aviation medicine and safety, flight coordination software and understanding and exceeding your expectations in patient, family and client care.

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