Got plans for an international trip? While it can be a highly enjoyable experience, there’s more to international travel than just knowing what to pack and being at the airport an hour before departure.

Even a trip to a destination as close as Mexico requires careful planning. AirEvac International brings you a travel checklist to help in the preparation for your trip abroad.

1. Source Info Regarding Your Destination

Visit to research information about your destination country to know as much as possible prior to your travel. The site provides a broad array of information from the entry/exit requirements, road safety laws, customs, Visas to medical care.

Besides, the travel site offers details regarding your safety and security, how to plan for crises and the health precautions to take during the trip.

You can also enroll for free at to be receiving updates on the travel and the security of your destination country. They’ll also alert you in the event of an emergency in the country.

2. Keep the Documentation Safe

While traveling abroad, you’ll have to handle lots of travel-related documents. These papers include Visas, Passports, International Driving Permit, and consent for travel with minors. Get the visa of the foreign country well in advance. For more information regarding Visas, contact the embassy of your destination country.

If applying for a new passport, make sure you do it several months in advance. Check that it can last at least 6 months before expiring after the return from your trip if you already own one.

3. Pack Your Medications

Some countries have instituted strict regulations regarding over-the-counter medications. As such, approach your physician days before departure for a letter of the medication you’ll be bringing on your trip. Make sure that you check with the embassy of the foreign country you plan to visit regarding their regulations on travel medication.

4. Get Insured

In most foreign countries, the US health insurance plans are not applicable and most medical facilities and health providers will demand cash payments. Medicare doesn’t provide coverage outside the US either.

If your US health care policy doesn’t offer overseas medical coverage, you’ll need to buy supplemental insurance. Confirm that it covers the medical risks in the foreign country you plan to visit.

An evacuation due to a crisis or for medical treatment can cost a fortune. As such, arm yourself with evacuation insurance in the event an emergency strikes overseas. AirEvac International partners with major insurance companies, hospital admins, and other third-party medical administration groups to offer the highest level of patient medical response and care in the industry.

You might also need to get additional insurance for unexpected expenses not covered by your credit card or homeowner’s insurance. The unexpected expenses range from flight delays, cancelation/interruption, to lost/stolen luggage.

5. Contact Your Bank & Credit Card Companies

On matters money, notify your credit card company of your planned travel and confirm the exchange rates. While at it, get some foreign currency in cash as the exchange rates at the airports can be insanely high. Not to mention that your card may attract high international transaction fees.

You don’t want to face inconvenience when your card gets declined when you need it most. Notifying your credit card company will ensure that your account’s activities are allowable even in the overseas.

6. Mind Your Mobile Plan

Just because your cell phone works in other countries, it doesn’t mean you’re covered under the local plans. Check what your current plan offers for international coverage and consider subscribing to a cheaper plan.

In Conclusion

Inarguably, preparing for a foreign trip, especially one that lasts an extended duration, isn’t that simple. Your overseas trip ought to be phenomenal. For the best experience, make a list of all the things you need to carry and tick against each to ensure you have left nothing behind. In the unfortunate chance you do need to use your international evacuation insurance, the AirEvac team has you covered for all your air medical transportation needs.