Ocean Cay - MSC Cruise Line

For the adventurous one yearning to explore beyond the familiar, Ocean Cay presents itself as a hidden jewel waiting to be uncovered.

This exclusive sanctuary welcomes you warmly! Set sail with MSC Cruiselines to Ocean Cay, and the moment your feet touch its pristine sands, you'll realize the uniqueness of this island. Your journey aboard MSC Cruiselines reaches a pause here, offering an island escape like no other.

Discover your perfect spot in a clam-shell lounger, creating an ideal setting for some quality time. If you're in pursuit of a touch more indulgence, consider the luxurious cabanas and villas on offer. Picture receiving a professional massage right on the shoreline—quite alluring, right? While relaxation is a cornerstone at Ocean Cay, the island is bustling with activities! Dive into the turquoise waters, take a horseback ride along the sparkling sands, or kayak through a lagoon teeming with vibrant marine life and so much more.

AirEvac International air ambulance process
AirEvac International air ambulance process

AirEvac International Provides Services Throughout Ocean Cay

Our medical transport services and aircraft are available to provide services to and from all major airports and medical facilities:

Lynden Pindling Airport (BZE)

Lynden Pindling International Airport, formerly known as Nassau International Airport, is the largest airport in the Bahamas and the largest international gateway into the country.